We are your partners in creating your new space and want to make sure you feel comfortable every step of the way. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email at hello@thesmythhouse.com.

Which service is right for me?
  • We have created design support around the evolution of your life’s journey to compliment every budget. 
  • If you're in search of a team to bring your dreams to reality + white glove delivery and finishing touches, saving you time and headache, Full Service is right for you.
  • If you need someone to help envision and craft your space but prefer saving budget by taking it to the finish line yourself or tackling one room at a time, Vision Boards are for you. 
  • Looking for an expert to help you through your ideas and questions on a limited budget, try Design Rx. 

What is the process?
Our goal is to simplify the process, guide you through decision overload, and create a design you love. Every project we work on follows our 'house schedule' to ensure you know what to expect every step of the way. 

What information should be sent in advance to our kickoff call? 
Our goal is to catch up to where you are, quickly. Photos & videos of the space, explanation of what you hope to achieve, inspiration photos, floor plans (if applicable / available) and key measurements should be sent in advance. We also send you a thorough design questionnaire so we can note important preferences. We will review this information with you during your kick off 'house meeting'. Please send details via email.

Will I be able to afford what I want to do?
Let's chat and find out! Schedule a free 20 minute introductory call.

When can you start?
For full service design, we average 4-24 weeks to kickoff the project. If you're looking for something quicker, Design Rx and Vision Boards are available to schedule immediately.

Can I blend services? 
Yes, it’s quite common. Let’s say you’ve enlisted our help to design the bulk of your home with full service; however, a year or two later you find yourself needing to use your house differently or perhaps your family has grown. Many of our clients will add on Vision Boards by room; or a Design RX session to get a quick opinion before running with the details on their own. If you are just starting your project and need guidance on which investment is right for you, we can help talk through it in our Free 20-minute intro call. 


What should my budget be? 
We will help you outline a realistic budget range that meets your wish list. However; using our budget estimator tool, you can get a head start well in advance of our discussions. You can be sure to set yourself up for success knowing the wide budget ranges projects can require. 

How will all of the items get to the property?
Each item is sent to our preferred receiving company where items are received, inspected, wrapped for white glove delivery, and held safely in a cooled facility. Upon the scheduled install, items are brought in on a daily schedule with professional installers. 

How long will this service take?
The average full service project is anywhere from 8 months to 2 years depending on the scale of the project.

Why are there minimums? What if I want to tackle my project in phases?
We are able to support your design needs ad hoc through our virtual services, Vision Boards & Design RX. Full Service provides access to our hand selected custom makers, which gives you premium design options. We take on the vast range of complex logistics on the back end, saving you thousands of hours relieving you from the hassle. From construction to décor, every detail has been thought through and managed to completion. All orders are placed through Smyth House to ensure we can track, monitor and plan for a successful installation. 

Will you manage the construction?
We are here to collaborate to the fullest. Believe us when we say, we want the end product to be what we envision. We create construction documents that set your build team up for success; however, we cannot control or take ownership of another company’s work. It’s critical you select the team that is right for you and we promise, we will show up to the table with every intention of creating the best final product. We do not; however, project manage your construction. 

Will you recommend vendors for our build, construction and subs? 
We are happy to pass along the names of our trusted sources and friends in the industry. Please just know that while we have worked with these companies in a variety of instances, every project is different and different personalities play a role here. We do not recommend trade vendors, we leave the selection of staffing up to the construction lead. 

Does Full Service mean we are completely hands off? 
No way! You’re fully informed and are the final decision maker. We just manage the process in a way that saves you an infinite amount of headache. 

How do you handle payments? 
We will follow the billing schedule outlined in your contract for the fee schedule. For all cost of goods, 100% upfront payment is required. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or check. 

Will I get a discount on product? 
We cannot promise discounts; however, in Full Service, we gladly pass along discounts ranging from 5% - 20% as we are able. These discounts add up to thousands of dollars in savings that we are able to pass along to you. 

Why do you charge a procurement fee? 
This fee on COGs covers our time to facilitate the ordering, tracking, inspection and management of the white glove delivery. 

Why do you charge an installation day rate? 
At the beginning of this project, there are so many unknowns. Our cost structure follows the activity connected to it so you always know which phase your project is in. Once we have a full understanding of the volume we’re installing and the complexities of the project, we will be able to advise an install schedule. Most installations fall between 1-5 days. Outside teams such as handymen, electricians, window treatment installation are all billed as incurred in addition to our day rate. 

How do you handle décor and accessories? 
By the time we are prepping your installation, we have spent so much time working with you hand in hand – we have a firm understanding of your style and know the exact accessories that will polish your space. We are unable to have the hundreds, if not thousands of accessories approved in advance because this stage is an art, not a science. We are oftentimes blending décor you already own so we bring a wide range of options to work with. We have already been applying the costs of the items to a pre-billed retainer. Once your installation is complete, we reconcile every item placed. We give you 24 hours to sit with your new space and allow your brain to settle in! If there are any accessories you want to return back, it’s no problem. We will finalize billing, and process the difference from the original placeholder retainer. 

What if I want to order something from retail directly? 
You absolutely can! We do not share our trade information or discounts at retail. If you prefer that we order, track and manage, we are happy to. The standard procurement fee is applied. 


How long will this service take?
Average project timelines range from 8 - 24 weeks depending on the number of spaces in the project.

What if something goes out of stock before I purchase? 
We recommend jumping on your purchase links for that very reason. Unfortunately, we cannot go back and resource when this happens; however, many other retailers likely carry the same or similar item online. 

What if I want to change something in the vision board? 
That is the beauty of this service, you can do whatever you want! Just don’t forget to measure and ensure your new selections jive with the original recommendation. 

What if I have more questions after our session? 
We are just a consultation call away, add on additional time through our Virtual Design Rx session anytime you feel you need a little more guidance. Sessions can be booked directly from the services page of our website.


What if I don't know where to begin? Or I'm interested in learning more about the design/build process? 
This session is a perfect place to begin. We help educate more often than not, thus saving people headache and financial heartbreak before leaping into a project. We can help you outline a realistic budget, timeline and provide insight on how to set your project up for success. 

When can you start?
Design Rx is available to schedule immediately and can be booked directly on the services page of our website.

What if I have more questions after our session? 
That is the beauty of the service, you can book as many Design Rx sessions as you need! This is your most cost effective way to getting the critical Design Therapy you need in the various phases life throws at us.


What if we need staging longer than 60 days?
No problem! As long as we have availability in the rental schedule, you can add on 30 day renewals at 50% of your contract two additional times. Two weeks notice required to accommodate an extension. We do not pro-rate. 

Do we get to select the furniture and accessories? 
Our design team will review your property photos and curate all furnishings and accessories for you... no need to lift a finger or stress about any of the details!

Can we provide you with the realtor lock box to access the property? 
No, unfortunately we will need access to the property 2-days prior to install with a separate mechanical lockbox or key to the property. The house will need to be completely vacant and professionally cleaned prior to furniture install. 

Can our clients and potential clients purchase furniture and accessories?
Absolutely! We will provide you with a document that has QR codes to purchase all materials as well as our contact information to help with additional custom pieces. We're even happy to discuss selling the house as-is if they need furniture immediately billed separately from the close of the house by Smyth House. And if they need a designer, we’re more than happy to assist! 

Can we use your photos to list the property? 
We pride ourself in having great attention to detail and that includes the photos we will provide you of every furnishing in the house. If you would like to purchase them to list your property, we are happy to discuss a buyout rate.

What if we need additional rooms staged? 
No problem, that's what we're here for. Our contract is to be your sole provider of furniture and accessories for the property. If you need any additional rooms staged, we're happy to do so.
  • Primary bedroom - $3000, secondary bedroom - $2000, office - $2000