What happens when you move your wife, two kids under five and a pup into a new, beautiful home in Arcadia, and promptly encounter a plumbing issue that requires you to gut the entire house. Well, you breathe deep, pick up your bootstraps, move your children back and forth into various places, and decide to get a little wild with this unfortunate opportunity. Bold new kitchen coming right up, Zen Den is the dining room. What is a Zen Den? Well, I’m glad you asked. We made it up. It’s the room where you set up a bar, perhaps a nice velvet sofa by the fireplace, paint the walls a moody sort of vibe, turn up the tunes. It’s the room where you get to hang your Jackelope. These are exactly the kind of people who want a Zen Den. The kind who wants each room to tell a story and be the kind of spaces you want to tell them in. This is where the #SHJackelope bar originated. It has since relocated, but that is a story for another day.

House explodes forcing new owners to renovate with a clean slate


xo, meredith