If happy is the answer, then what do you want in life must be the question. When this uber chic, yet chill AF 30-something couple came to us with their West Loop Chicago condo featuring outdated materials, crazy curved walls and a full mural in the kitchen by a well known Chicago artist, we knew this had all of the makings of a “house pad”. What is a House Pad? Well, we made it up. A house pad feels kind of like you’re hanging out at a well designed boutique hotel. Imagined for the host of all hosts, the entertainers, the fun rambunctious ones who keep the neighborhood up too late because they’re laughing on the roof-deck. The ones who’s door is always open and every time you walk through it, no matter the time - you wonder how they’re so pulled together. Even when they’re disheveled, it’s a perfectly appointed mess. The stylish kind you want to take a picture in . Yep, when I asked these two what their life motto is, they simply said “We want you to be happy”. Their home definitely makes me happy.



xo, meredith