Adventure that sparks the soul

Every summer adventure begins with the intention of chasing happiness. As I recently gazed in wonder over the edge of the Grand Canyon; I kept hearing the phrase ”FORCE OF NATURE” – I couldn’t help but think…how many lifetimes have been seen, and stories could the Canyons tell? How many versions of life and humanity has it carried on its walls, and through it’s rivers. What lessons can be learned from this magnificent Force of Nature?

Soaking this inspiration into future projects…

  • The beauty of nature’s imperfect, perfection. This incredible Calacatta Viola marble is making its way into some of our upcoming design work.
  • The fusion, evolution, and adaptation in all things, across time. Recognizing that we can create something stronger and more beautiful – together. Sip this deliciously fresh cocktail while you ponder which color to use from our summer paint palette.

Cheers to a summer filled with great adventure!



July 8, 2022


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