The 2022 Smyth House Gift Guide

It’s that time of year and we’re scrambling to get all our holiday shopping done. We’re guessing you’re the same? From one last minute shopper to another — we’ve simplified it for you and currated holiday shopping guides for all the different people (and pets) in your life. These are from our Smyth House Amazon boards that we curate for our clients and community throughout the year. Hurry, there’s still time for delivery 😉

For the host of all hosts, the ones who love a design forward event, these are some of our must-haves.

Insider tip: These gifts double as a perfect host/ess gift for the events you’re attending!

We all have our place to escape… and you might know someone who finds their serenity in the garden. These are our favorite gifts for that green-thumb!

We can’t forget our furry friends… or as we say, the MIFM… most important family member (yes, we made that up). Either way, they deserve to have an fun-filled holiday experience tearing open presents to find their favorite things… naps, snacks and trips are all our fur-babies are asking for.

For the fashion lover, this list is packed with our favorite staples and trends. SHOP THE LIST

And for the design lover, we would love to help you dream up a new space in 2023!


December 19, 2022


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