The Museum House: A Peek Into Our Signature Luxury Real Estate Project

We have had the privilege of collaborating with some of the best visionaries in the business to create something exceptional. Our mission is to revolutionize the valley, leaving a lasting impression for generations to come. Our style is unique, blending timeless elegance with a splash of modernity. This time, we’re going ultra-luxurious with sophisticated simplicity.

Our design concept seamlessly integrates contemporary influences with the desert environment. The sleek lines, neutral colors, and large windows provide stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The living room boasts 14′ floor-to-ceiling windows, showcasing the quintessential desert lifestyle. The goal of our design is to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living, allowing residents to feel connected to nature while enjoying modern amenities.

As a bonus, the dual kitchen setup is perfect for hosts who want to keep the home’s clean, open aesthetic when entertaining. Every detail has been accounted for in this minimalist design, with each item carefully placed to ensure functionality. The home’s symmetrical lines cast the most beautiful light, and the stunning views from every angle are truly unparalleled. Our design approach ties a bow on the natural desert surroundings and contemporary living.

Architecture: @PHXARCH

Interiors + Styling: @Smyth_House

Builder: @sapanarodevelopment

Developer: @paramountbuilt

Landscape: @berghoffdesign

In addition to everyone who worked so hard on building this home, we also worked with some of the most creative makers to bring everything together in a modern, and sophisticated way. Featured throughout the home, you can find goods from our Atelier, Elegant Nomad, Palo Santo, and ReFashioned Art.

Photography: @erickrukphoto

We are so grateful to all of the talented visionaries we were able to work with on building, creating, and designing this home. We have so much more to share about this project, so make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter and following us on our socials to stay up-to-date. And if you can’t wait, you can view more photos from this project here!

January 24, 2024

  1. kell says:

    Harmoniously bold while the natural elements highlighted each space. I’m in love-
    Meredith, you are so talented.


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