Starting Your New Build Off Right

Once a month, we will be featuring a design advice column, and we’ve named it Design Rx. Consider this your ultimate guide to all things home. In fact, if you want to see or know about something specifically, we can almost guarantee that we’ve researched it, investigated it, and have learned that lesson the ‘hard way’ a time or two. Got some design dilemmas of your own? Drop us a line in our Guest Book or slide into our social media DMs if you’ve got something specific you’d like advice on. We’ll feature the solutions here, with all the tips + tricks for making design a smooth and fun process. 

The first two most commonly asked questions we get when someone is approaching a new build are, “Where do I start?” And, “How much will it cost?” Our very first Design Tip is to look at your project with collaboration in mind. It takes a lot of minds, varying experiences, and personalities to dream up and create something from scratch. When collaboration is strong, you’ll foster a team that works well to invent, solve problems, and best of all: do it all while enjoying being around each other. I don’t know about you, but we like to enjoy the company of the people we work with. Which is why we also extended the question to our partners on the #SHCasablanca team. 

Phx Architecture, Paramount Development & Sapanaro Development

Land acquisition, architectural plans, interior design finishes and selections, and the actual build of the home; This team pours themselves into every house they dream up and build. We asked each of them for the top three things you need to know if you’re considering building a home from scratch and bundled everyone’s tips together. We hope this helps as you take a step closer to your BIG dream!


Architect: Phx Architecture, Developer: Paramount Luxury Development, Builder: Sapanaro Development, Interior Design + Staging: Smyth House, Photography: Eric Kruk, Realtor: Darwin Wall Team

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August 15, 2021

  1. Kevin Burgman says:

    You did an absolutely awesome job with this rebrand and website. Incredibly proud of you. Love you Mer!

  2. Chelsea P says:

    Thanks for the awesome guide for all things home. You have truly outdone yourself this time. This is the most comprehensive and user-friendly guide I have ever seen. From finding the right home inspector to fixing a leaky faucet, you have thought of everything. I am so grateful to have found this guide. It has saved me so much time and energy. Looking forward to more of your tips and tricks; hopefully, people will find them more useful other than I do.


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