What We Dig: Neolith Stone

Flips, flops and fails… If it wasn’t a win, we’re not featuring it here. 

In our book, real marble straight from the Earth is the best, most timeless, luxurious option you could select for a kitchen, bar, bathroom, etc… However, we also know Marble requires maintenance and it’s just not for everyone. While durable and awesome in it’s own right, Quartz never quite meets the mark on emulating the look of really great marble. Each option always feels like a tradeoff. That was, until Neolith. I fell in love with this stone instantly and knew it had to be a major feature of the #SHCasaBlanca kitchen. 

Source: The Stone Collection

What we quickly learned from the Stone Collection’s vast showroom was that this thing packs a punch. Not only does it actually look pretty dang similar to the real thing, its performance is unparalleled. Just look at the features they are claiming. 

Is it possible we had stumbled on our dream product?

Almost. There is a tradeoff. While the product itself is a similar price point to a quality quartz, the installation runs 30%-60% higher than normal. Why? Fabricators need special equipment and that, my friends, is expensive. It’s a composite material so it is highly durable, meaning it’s also more difficult to get the product perfect. There are multiple thicknesses and sizes that can be used, which means multiple types of equipment are needed. It’s also new to the market here, so fabricators are absorbing the expense of installation training. Since we were after ultimate durability and design style… We splurged on it. And frankly, we have zero regrets. We are DIGGING IT.

Remember when we told you this house was the love child of dark and mysterious meets wild and sexy? Well, this bold kitchen has stolen our hearts. Someone please pour me a whiskey.


Appliances: Subzero-Wolf, Plumbing: Rohl, Cabinetry: Kings Wood Creation, Counter Stools: Found by Domestic Bliss, Photography: Eric Kruk Architect: Phx Architecture, Developer: Paramount Luxury Development, Builder: Sapanaro Development, Interior Design + Staging: Smyth House.

August 15, 2021


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