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Our beloved pets. We’re pretty big suckers and basically let our animals rule the roost.

Are we the only ones? Pretty sure we’re not. As far as we’re concerned, it’s a dog’s world and we’re just living in it. Being an animal lover can come with a price, and oftentimes; it’s a high one. Good thing they’re so dang cute. 

We’ve learned our lessons the hard way, so now we’re here to pass along some advice and hopefully, help you avoid some (very expensive) heartbreak of your own.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Pet & Design Friendly

Even us designers have a tough time keeping our homes in order thanks to our little destroyers. Luckily, we’ve found some tips, tricks + products to make it a *little* easier…

1. Train your pets not to sit on your furniture.

Clearly, we have a difficult time with this ourselves, which is why we rely on this handy upholstery cleaner and vacuum.

2. When that doesn’t work, train your pets to slobber on their own beds.

Since we already failed at 1, and 2 was a lost cause… We just did ourselves a favor and purchased these furry blankets and cushions from They are machine washable, super easy to move around the house, and we even take them in the car. 

Speaking of cars… We love this handy backseat protector for transporting our furry friends!

When all else fails, and you have zero control over your beloveds, at least do yourself a favor and get these wipes for their paws and coat; and pretend like you won’t have to get a new sofa in a couple of years. 

3. De-shed early and often; And when in doubt, just get yourself a doodle.

For the rest of us… Use the vacuum of all vacuums noted above, all.the.time.

We also rely heavily on this little guy who cruises around our household 24-7, this shedding tool for upholstery, and for those real fine, stubborn hairs; these lint rollers are a game changer.  

4. Get your rugs cleaned annually, if not every 6 months.

It’s just like carpet cleaning, air filters, or putting salt in the water-softener; your rugs also need maintenance. If you invest in high quality rugs, they will be able to withstand many, many moons in your home. 

We recommend taking your rug to a professional cleaner. If you’re in Arizona, we love Steamex Carpet + Tile & RugWorx for all of your upholstery, carpet, and rug cleaning needs!

Once we’ve done the hard work, we reward ourselves with the gift that keeps on giving:

BARK BOX !!! As a former marketer, WOW. Every single month, I am completely blown away. The themes are on point and SO clever. The monthly membership means that just when I’m about to run out of treats or toys- that beautiful, silly box shows up right on our doorstep. Just like magic! Oh, and our dogs love them too. 😉

From beds and baskets to toys, bowls & throws… We’ve done the legwork and rounded up our favorite design friendly pet products that will keep your home looking good without cramping your style.

Shop the round-up: Chow Down & Drink Up Pet Bowls, Bamboo Melamine Dog Bowl, Squirrel Dog Toy, Rubber and Rope Tug Toy, Triangle Tug Toy, Dog Collars + Tags, Grey Basket with Lid, Tennis Ball Set, Poop-Bag Carrier, Seagrass Basket with Lid, Cat Hammock, Water Dispenser, Tuft+Needle Dog Bed, Cowhide Pup Rug, Waterproof Blanket, Calming Donut Bed

In case you can’t tell, we love to spoil our fur babes with the best of the best… And if you’re like us, hopefully you’ll get a kick out of this round up of design friendly pet products, curated by the SH Team. And the list goes on; Head to our Amazon storefront to shop more favorites.

October 8, 2021

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