Introducing Our Latest Labor of Love: Bret Hills

This custom new build may be one of our absolute favorites to date and we want you to have the first peek

Introducing #SHBretHills

This home will be hitting the market in about a month, so stay tuned for much more from us as it nears completion. With such little inventory in the market right now, we want you to be the first to know about amazing properties and the sneak peeks along the way!

The instant we laid eyes on the plans Kent Architects created; we knew the style we wanted to create in this home. Greg and his team designed such a thoughtfully laid out floor plan; the location and views are spectacular, and its got this understated cool vibe that we really wanted to lean into with our material selections to help bring the vision to life.

With mid-century modern design elements as our inspiration, our goal for this house was to seamlessly blend timeless materials in modern ways. We leaned into natural materials like walnut, flagstone, concrete, steel, terrazzo, quartzite, and agate to infuse an earthy, handcrafted feel. It will be the mix of materials, and the use of them together that will really make this dream of a home feel so unique.

Mid-century modern elements, an earthy, masculine color palette and natural materials. We wanted the space to feel modern, clean-lined, and insanely luxurious.

We are carrying flagstone flooring through the main area of the home and mixed with hand-crafted custom walnut cabinetry, we are dying to see it come together. You dream up things in your mind, put them into a rendering, and then hold your breath until the finished product far outweighs your expectations.

The lighting in this home is one of our favorite packages. Streamlined and minimal, each fixture feels like it’s own work of art.

Thanks to such an exceptional team, this new build has been pretty smooth sailing. Don’t get us wrong, you’re always bound to run into something, and it’s all about the team surrounding you. If you’re in the midst of construction right now, you know the biggest issue has been the availability of materials and making sure we are ordering far enough in advance. Luckily, Paramount Development + Sapanaro Development are the dream team and always prepared to navigate any situation.

Every time we have a site visit, we get more and more excited. Take the mud-drop zone for instance. On paper, the wood paneling felt like a nice touch. Now seeing it in person, we are dying over it. It’s so masculine, modern, timeless, and cool…. All at the same time. And it’s just a mud drop! 😉

We can’t wait to share the finished product. Stay tuned, #SHBretHills coming December 2021!

November 15, 2021


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