Give the Gift of Home This Holiday

This holiday season, give the gift of confidence. Design Rx was created for those struggling with a design challenge, looking to get one on one attention; with the freedom to ask questions, get personalized insight + tips, and solve one design dilemma at a time. Think of it like Design Therapy… Your design conundrum, our expertise. 

We know that many of you have a massive design mojo of your own and the patience to run with the process, but sometimes you just need a design buddy to bounce ideas off of. That’s where we come in. Your very own personal Design Therapist. Someone to help you work through complex design challenges and offer solutions. Perhaps you’re planning out a new kitchen and are struggling with the layout. Or you and your spouse need a third party to help narrow the decisions. Maybe current furniture arrangements aren’t working, and you just need some advice! Whatever your design dilemma is, this virtual seventy-five minute consultation is your answer. 

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It has been a gift in itself to be able to work with people all across the country to help them work through and solve many of their design challenges. 

From kitchen renovations to furniture & lighting selections, creating patio oases, and everything in between; it’s been so fun and special for me to play a role in the making of these homes, and help clients navigate their own design journey.

So if you’re a spouse, parent, child, sibling, or friend who is struggling with what to give your loved one this holiday, consider gifting this special service. Maybe your child just purchased a first home, and is overwhelmed with the possibilities; Or your sister is having a baby and needs some help putting together a nursery. Perhaps you and your wife love where you live, but want to make some updates in the New Year…

Design Rx is the perfect way to kick off a new project; and get the motivation, inspiration, and excitement flowing. Most importantly, it is the helpful nudge and reminder that you, yes YOU– can do BIG THINGS.

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December 5, 2021


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