Elevating Eclectic: Finding Your Perfect Mix

Have you ever moved into a home that had the best location and really awesome bones, but then felt the cringe of — it’s not really my style? Perhaps it’s a traditional style of home; but you’re more of a modern bohemian who can’t imagine being typecast into one box.

Have you and your partner ever said to each other (or thought): How will we ever blend our styles? We like opposite things.

If the answer is yes, you may be an “eclectic” and we applaud you.

The first and only rule of thumb to elevating your eclectic style is this: Throw out every rule and begin to curate things you like.

I’m excited to share a look into the design of our #SHExeter project. This home is special to us because we got to work with our dear friends. While we know them well and love them, this project presented complex decision making. Dreaming up the best kind of eclectic, mixing styles on opposite ends of the spectrum and re-imagining the use of the space were just the beginning of the conversation. It required trade-offs and compromise. It allowed us all, as design and client partners, the opportunity for discovery and imagination. It gave this family the opportunity to hear one another, and understand how our environments impact each of us differently.

We like to think the result of this project is “eclectic” happiness. There is a room for everyone. Common spaces that elevate entertainment, creativity, rest and togetherness.

This project will always be one of our favorites. The end result felt like an inviting boutique hotel to us. When an eclectic style comes together, it can often make you look around a room and smile knowing every part of your soul is smiling right back at you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

If you’re just starting to think about your project, we created this helpful guide on getting your project started on the right foot. You can download it here.

Her: “Light and Bright.”

Him: “Bold and Dramatic.”

Her: “Pretty” Him: “Wild”

Her: “Neutral” Him: “Eclectic”

Kids: “Bright & Fun”

The design options for a space are literally endless. As a designer, it’s our job to listen and hear you first. Before we can even decide what is right, we have to learn about your life. Your style. How you live. How you want to feel in your space. We have a pretty in depth upfront discovery process and feel honored we get to be partners with you in those conversations. We also created this quiz for you, so you can begin the journey of discovering your own style.

The ‘Zen Den’

The Jackalope Bar and Lounge

Long, awkward rooms can be difficult when it comes to furniture. Our client loves mixology so a lounge area with a wet bar was a much better choice for them than an unused table. We named this bar “The Jackalope” and it inspires many of our favorite spirits; Like our most recent Gin Fizz Spritz.





Tour the rest of our #SHExeter project here.

November 29, 2021


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