Relax; let your imagination run free

It can be tough to relax, challenging to find space alone, and the courage to embrace the quiet without distraction. As a recovering over-scheduled, over-programmed, never spent a minute alone-kind of person… I had to learn how to meditate, and make a daily practice out of this art of getting quiet. It is only when we can get still with ourselves that we can clearly envision what is possible and what we truly want in life.

Our clients depend on our energy, our creativity, our ideas for their space. We are enlisted to dream up the extraordinary for you! I can assure you, that is no small task. Which is why you will always get the very best vision for your space when you are sure of your intention. We consider you our muse.

What could be complex really comes down to this one basic question:


This very simple question is the only one that truly matters.

Perhaps you are:

  • Creating a home with others and finding it challenging to align
  • Unsure where to begin
  • Challenged by the various styles you like
  • Overwhelmed by the options
  • Concerned with the costs of the project you want to do and need an expert’s help budgeting

Whatever your challenge is, we can help. A DesignRX session is the very best place for you to begin (or check back in) with us. We help ask the right questions that will lead you to the solutions you need.



July 27, 2022


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