Head in the clouds, just how we like it

Beach or Mountains? Which one are you? I like to say both, but when I’m looking to truly rejuvenate, the mountains are calling. As an Arizona native, and a Lumberjack alumni, Flagstaff, Arizona has always held a piece of my heart. When I need to get my head in the clouds, my preference is mountain air. This is where I love to escape — it’s where we spend time dreaming things up + visioning the future. Let me ask you, can you envision your future self? Design is about bringing unrelated elements together in unity; and we look to you as our muse. The more inspiration you can gather for the space you want your future self to walk into – and how you want to feel there – that is where the magic is created.

I hope you make time this fall to get your ‘head in the clouds’ and let yourself rejuvenate and dream up your next home project.

Whether your aim is one room, or your entire house, our ‘Vision board’ service is a budget-friendly virtual option for those who want the expertise of a designer but aren’t afraid to do some heavy lifting to take it to the finish line.

Our ‘Vision Boards’ give you the vision, and where to get the goods. You run with it from there. Learn more here.




September 15, 2022

  1. Melanie Sprout says:

    Ditto Rebecca. I’m in!


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