A Kick Off into Fall

A Letter from Meredith

Fall truly is a special time, filled with the anticipation of change and new beginnings. As the summer comes to a close and the temperatures begin to shift, we find ourselves in a state of transition. It’s a time when we can reflect on the past and look forward to the future with hope and excitement.

For many of our clients, this feeling of transition is all too familiar. They come to us with big dreams and goals, seeking guidance and support to make them a reality. And just like fall, it’s in the small moments of change and growth that the biggest transformations occur.

As we reflect on the summer that has passed, we’re reminded of the vibrant creativity and major milestones that we’ve experienced. It’s been a season of growth and discovery. As we move forward into the fall, we’re excited to continue building dreams with our clients and unveiling new and exciting projects and ventures.

So let’s embrace the transition that fall brings, knowing that great things are on the horizon. Let’s cherish the moments of adventure and togetherness, while eagerly anticipating the comfort and joy that the upcoming season holds. And let’s remember that in the tiniest moments of change and growth, anything is possible.

XX, Meredith

Reflecting on Our Summer

Fostering Creative Thinking with Girls Mentorship

Nurturing the next generation of young female business enthusiasts through the Girls Mentorship Program was an opportunity so FUN we had to highlight it. We were thrilled to witness young minds bloom with creativity. Our brief to them encouraged empathy, a key value of the program. We taught them how to brainstorm and build creative ideas in groups, and how to determine the best ideas to present. These young minds blew us away with their ideas. The access Girls Mentorship is giving girls ages 10-14 is truly mind-blowing, learn more about them here

What’s coming: The Museum House

We reached significant milestones with many of our long-time projects this summer, including the completion of a number of luxury new home builds, the first we are drooling over is what we call The Museum House. A masterpiece nestled in the heart of Paradise Valley, Arizona. This sophisticated custom new build exudes understated opulence in the most beautiful, timeless way. We collaborated with incredible partners, artists, creatives, and makers on this home and can’t wait to show them all off in our new Museum House Collection

Loving on our Entrepreneur Community with The Foundress

We continued our collaboration with the artists from the Museum House collection, featuring them at a private event we hosted with the Foundress. These creatives and a whole bunch of change-makers and friends in entrepreneurship came together to bring magic to our studio and we are OBSESSED with each of them. From custom artwork, incredible floral arrangements by our friends at Arcadia Social, wisdom dropped in our panel chat that every new entrepreneur should watch, to the most delicious donuts in the valley that should be top of your list and the magic salt that will transform how your kiddo’s eat … the jewelry we can’t get enough of and our favorite glow up treatments in the valley. Not to mention, the strategic corner led by branding expert Elly&Nora. This event was beautiful and we loved soaking in the potential our Atelier has just unlocked. We’re getting all kinds of incredible collaboration requests so if you would like to work together on making something fun out of nothing, drop us a line here.

Looking Ahead to Fall

Bring on the gatherings, the food, the entertainment – we are here for all of it. To kick things off, we jumped at the opportunity to dream up Harvest Tablescapes in collaboration with Arcadia Social to be featured in this month’s Phoenix Home & Garden issue. Watch for it on newsstands! Here’s a sneak peek of what we dreamed up and the online feature.

Tablescapes with Phoenix Home & Garden

Upcoming Projects

At Smyth House, we believe there is power in creating and defining your style. Deliberately disrupting the status quo and creating the unimaginable is what lights us up. Our calendar is already brimming with exciting projects that promise to challenge our creativity and expertise. We’re thrilled to continue this journey and open a new chapter alongside our clients, old and new, in their quest to transform their spaces into stunning works of art that they’re able to live in and enjoy for years to come.

As we close out the year and begin looking ahead, we encourage you to take the leap in partnering with Smyth House in 2024 to create your dream home. Our team is ready to guide you through the process, turning your vision into reality, and crafting spaces that resonate with your unique style and personality. 

Want to chat about your project? Let’s connect, collaborate, and have some fun in 2024, shall we?! Now is a great time to secure your project in our calendar for next year. Click here to connect with us!

October 10, 2023

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