Wishing you a very Merry Granny-Chic Christmas

Maximalism has been on the rise among early adopters, and we can expect to see it bloom in 2024. We lovingly coined this trend “granny-chic” because it explodes an eclectic mix of patterns, rich colors, and a commitment to timeless allure. This style evokes nostalgia and a blend of old and new, creating a magnetic eclecticism that celebrates the stories of our lives. ‘Granny-Chic’ invites us to weave our tales into our living spaces, creating a tapestry of discovery that endures the test of time.

This mood board is from a recent project presentation and perfectly captures this maximalist style.

It seems in every household story, there are the trailblazers – the ones who did things a little differently – who went against the grain. A style that was noticeable and memorable. Spaces that left you with a feeling of wanting to return. This holiday season, we adorned our Atelier with “Granny-Chic” vibes and we’re celebrating the style muses who influenced us. Inspired by my grandmothers who taught me that style has the power to transform you. It’s your self-expression, and the only thing that is entirely up to you, isn’t it!?

We’re pulling in birds, peacocks, velvet, cut crystal, rich burgundy, blues, pops of unexpected wildness, and candy jars brimming with possibility.

This season, we were lucky enough to feature the incredible artist, Laura Madden in our Atelier. Her art and expression through Refashioned Art is trailblazing the Phoenix art scene. She created this custom piece for our Foundress event. It has showered LOVE across our studio all season and we can’t imagine a more perfect way to wrap up the year with our holiday theme. Wishing you and yours an EXTRA FABULOUS holiday season.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Granny Chic Christmas! Steal our delicious Granny’s punch recipe and our holiday playlist for your own celebrations, my grandma would be happy you did.

XX, Meredith

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If this maximalist style is up your alley, check out our Project Victorian for more inspo!

December 22, 2023


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