Introducing our very first Smyth House Collection, The Bret Collection was inspired by Arizona at dusk. This modern, masculine design showcases warm tones, and timeless sleek backdrops. Take a peek inside.

Meet Bret.

July 20, 2022


Have you ever moved into a home that had the best location and really awesome bones, but then felt the cringe of — it’s not really my style? Perhaps it’s a traditional style of home; but you’re more of a modern bohemian who can’t imagine being typecast into one box. Have you and your partner […]

November 29, 2021

Elevating Eclectic: Finding Your Perfect Mix


Imagine for a moment: You have two toddler boys, living in the city of Chicago. Little feet race through the house with mud and leaves packed to the underside of converse sneakers. A trail of coats, gloves, and hats are left in their dust… How do you; a stylish, fun couple lean into a kid […]

New Project Reveal: Designing for Child’s Play

October 20, 2021


What happens when a vibrant, fun, thirty-something couple asks you to help transform their West Loop Chicago condo? Well, you say yes, of course. With the tall ceilings, curvaceous walls, and a colorful mural covering the entire kitchen wall; We knew that with some creativity and imagination, this space was going to be as rad […]

September 2, 2021

Urban West Loop Chicago Revival


We are big believers in the phrase: “We Can Do Big Things”. So every month, we’re going to send you a column from our Journal titled: Dream Big. Here, we will dig into the design, showcase killer projects, break down the complex and build up our community of small business pals. Our first feature is […]

Dream Big: Casa Blanca

August 15, 2021


We are about to turn FIVE in a couple of months, which made me take a giant step back and think about how much has been accomplished in the past four years and where we want to go in the future. It’s not lost on me that regardless of the scale or type of project we are working on, we are always standing in front of something BIG. Something exciting, yet so big, you reached out for help. And you asked us. For that, I am exponentially grateful. It’s because of you, that we get to help navigate complex problems, be inventors of style, and pour into innovation. With some of you, we have given new life to something old.

May 12, 2021

Introducing: Smyth House