Urban West Loop Chicago Revival

What happens when a vibrant, fun, thirty-something couple asks you to help transform their West Loop Chicago condo? Well, you say yes, of course.

With the tall ceilings, curvaceous walls, and a colorful mural covering the entire kitchen wall; We knew that with some creativity and imagination, this space was going to be as rad as the couple we were designing it for. 

It had all the makings of a ‘house pad’. What is a house pad? We made it up. But it kind of feels like you’re hanging out at a well-designed, uber chic boutique hotel. Imagined for the host of all hosts: the entertainers, the rambunctious ones who are always the life of the party, and keep the neighborhood up way too late because they are laughing so loudly up on the roof deck. 

So we set out to dream up the space we imagined so clearly in our head; An effortlessly cool, yet approachable and inviting vibe that would mirror the people who live in it. 

Modern, monochromatic and moody— with a twist. We incorporated bold pops of color and statement art to add an unexpected touch of playfulness; and wood, texture and pattern to warm the space up. The result? An eclectic, edgy vibe that makes people want to gather and spend time.

Remember when we mentioned the colorful mural in the kitchen? Well, to most Chicago residents it’s much more than that. Better known as The Bear Champ, this hand-painted street art by local artist JC Riviera can be found all over the city, and just so happens to be covering the wall of this condo’s kitchen. 

The bold home owners knew it had to stay, as it was such a cool feature of the home; and for us, what inspired the rest of the design for this urban revival.

This project was such a fun way to prove that it is possible to create a chic, sophisticated space that also reflects personality… Where people want to linger through dinner, put on a record, pour a whiskey and stay awhile.

Photography: Stoffer Photography Interiors

View the rest of the project here

September 2, 2021


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